The Shari Laws Regarding Iddat

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This verse shows that a man is allowed to divorce his wife only twice, and then take her back if they reconcile after the first and second pronouncements. If he divorces her for the third time, they cannot return back to each other. A divorce is pronounced only after all attempts of reconciliation and peace are exhausted.

If they both desire reconciliation, Allah will cause it between them.

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Indeed, Allah is ever Knowing and Acquainted. It is better to also write his pronouncement down on paper, dating, witnessing and signing it as written evidence in case it is forgotten or disputed , though a divorce is still valid even without writing, and it should be witnessed.

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And their husbands have the better right to take them back in that period if they wish for reconciliation. And the women have rights over their husbands [as regards living expenses] similar to those of their husbands over them [as regards obedience and respect] to what is reasonable. He must still provide for her, and he cannot seize the dowry he gave upon marriage and she must still be respectful to him. Within this waiting period, a man may return back to his wife if there is reconciliation or a change of heart, and a softening of feelings for each other. So the only thing that needs to be established is whether she is pregnant, and that is known after just one menstrual cycle.

He cannot return to his wife in the waiting period, nor can he remarry her after the waiting period. She must now marry someone else with a true intent and desire to marry.

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If this new marriage fails after working to make it work, she may then remarry her first husband. Important: It is not allowed for a woman to marry another man with the intention of divorce so as to remarry her first husband. It is not allowed for a man to divorce his wife on her menstrual cycle.

However, if he does so, the divorce is valid but he is sinful for divorcing her during that time.

This was forbidden in the time of the Prophet and his Companions. And the scholars differ as to whether it is counted as three pronouncements or only one pronouncement of divorce.

What is closer to the Sunnah is that it is counted as one divorce and not three. Abu Dawood no. In his answer to the question in point, Dr. Muzammil H.

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If a couple tried their best to reconcile their differences, but they still could not agree and they found impossible to live with each other, then only in that case they should separate in a proper and decent manner. Divorce can be initiated by the husband or by the wife.

The husband has the right to pronounce the words of divorce talaq to his wife.

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He can also give her a statement of divorce in writing. Thus to grant her that right equally with the husband while she has no financial obligation is unfair and unjust. The wife can, however, divorce her husband if her husband gave her that right either at the time of marriage or afterwards. A husband who wants to divorce his wife should use the words of divorce with full awareness after much thinking and consideration.

Using the words of divorce in haste or anger is not right. The proper procedure is to give divorce when a woman is not pregnant and is not going through her monthly menstrual cycle. There is no need to repeat the words of divorce more than once. Even one divorce is sufficient to terminate the relationship. The provision of the second and third divorce is given for a husband who divorces his wife one time and then cancels his divorce, but then after sometime changes his mind and divorces her again second time. Then he changes his mind and resumes the relationship and then again after that he divorces her.

Marriage is a serious matter. After the third divorce he cannot take her back. The wife now becomes forbidden to her husband completely.

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Some people misuse this procedure out of ignorance or willingly. There are some people who think that the divorce talaq would not happen unless one makes the statement three times.

The Shari Laws Regarding Iddat The Shari Laws Regarding Iddat
The Shari Laws Regarding Iddat The Shari Laws Regarding Iddat
The Shari Laws Regarding Iddat The Shari Laws Regarding Iddat
The Shari Laws Regarding Iddat The Shari Laws Regarding Iddat
The Shari Laws Regarding Iddat The Shari Laws Regarding Iddat
The Shari Laws Regarding Iddat The Shari Laws Regarding Iddat
The Shari Laws Regarding Iddat The Shari Laws Regarding Iddat

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