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Related concepts Major incident management. Unique system-generated incident number. The user who contacted you with an issue. Category and Subcategory. The type of issue.

Business service. The affected business service, if applicable. Configuration item. The affected CI, if applicable. The state moves and tracks incidents through several stages of resolution. Impact is a measure of the effect of an incident, problem, or change on business processes. Urgency is a measure of how long the resolution can be delayed until an incident, problem, or change has a significant business impact.

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Priority is based on impact and urgency, and it identifies how quickly the service desk should address the task. Assignment group and Assigned to. The group and user to work on this incident. If left blank, the incident is automatically assigned. If the Assignment group changes, the Assigned to field is cleared. Short description. A brief description of the incident.

Detailed explanation on the incident. Watch list. Users who receive notifications about this incident when comments are added. Click the add me icon to add yourself to the watch list. Work notes list. Users who receive notifications about this incident when work notes are added.

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Click the add me icon to add yourself to the work notes list. Additional comments. More information about the issue as needed. All users who can view incidents see additional comments.

Work notes. Information about how to resolve the incident, or steps taken to resolve it, if applicable.

Incident Reporting

Actions taken. A journal field where you can enter details of the actions taken for a major incident. Dispatcher - Actions taken by the dispatcher such as sending an update to the mobile users. End Users - Actions taken by mobile end users that have the necessary permissions to update an incident. For example, reporting statuses, sending updates and reports, and even completing checklists to the dispatcher.

The log will also display the viewing status of end user updates and checklist updates by displaying a green "V" or a red "X" and the number of viewers in each log. Notice that in the top right corner of the log there is an icon that allows the dispatcher to track and view on the map all the users that are active in the incident. To view specific tracking information, adjust the details in the table on the left side of the screen. After passing the same gas station repeatedly, they realize the road endlessly repeats the same stretch. Roberto exits the car and walks off through the brush to seek help.

Without access to her inhaler, Camila dies. Believing herself to be stuck in a nightmare, Sandra abandons her children and drives off, vainly attempting to wake herself. Daniel picks up his sister's body and begins walking down the road in the opposite direction. All converge to the same spot and give up hope of escape. Thirty-five years later, both groups are still stuck in their respective locations. Each day, everyone finds a fresh copy of all their possessions.

Over the decades, these items gather into towering piles as the two groups attempt to live their lives. Sandra and Roberto, now elderly, have animalistic sex, Daniel lives on his own without much interaction with them, and Oliver leads the elderly Marco in rituals worshiping Carlos' skeleton.

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After Sandra dies, Roberto and Daniel hold a funeral, where Roberto is struck by a moment of lucidity as he, too, nears death. He says he now understands why they are stuck. Marco and Roberto jointly reveal that none of this is real, but an alternate dimension to their real lives.

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An elderly Roberto explains that when he was a 10 year-old boy, he was in another incident stuck on a raft. These dimensions split off from reality and are stuck in a time loop. They are brought on by tragedy, and the emotions that the inhabitants feel are fed back to people in the real world.

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The younger person stuck in an incident fairs better than the older person. Therefore, younger people in the real life have more happiness and fortune than older people, who experience more sadness and misfortune. As he dies, Roberto urges Daniel to break the cycle of creating new dimensions by refusing to follow his fate.

Daniel and Oliver find they are now free to leave their dimension. Each initially hesitates but follows his fate.

The Incident The Incident
The Incident The Incident
The Incident The Incident
The Incident The Incident
The Incident The Incident

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