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Scattered foxing to text, binding fine. A beautiful copy. This Book has been Viewed Time s. Contact me by fax.

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For some items, we can also email digital photographs. All of our items are guaranteed as described and are shipped on approval. For weeks, I was euphoric. Until I realised that it meant I had to start all over again and write another book…. My stories usually start from tiny ideas, random notions that happen to make me curious. I think the best stories are created when you know your story world in intimate detail and you understand the kind of people that populate it.

The Insider , for instance, began with a curiosity about hacking. I loved the whole idea of someone intruding on a system, creeping around like a burglar, covering their tracks while peeking at sensitive data. The Courier grew from a curiosity about diamonds: the world of underground mines, expert diamond cutters, international diamantaires.

For Hide Me , I got interested in con artists: scams, casinos, the art of the long con. But my latest book is different. Don't have a Kindle? Chance to win daily prizes. Get ready for Prime Day with the Amazon App. No purchase necessary. Get started. Literary Fiction. Book Series. Is this feature helpful? Thank you for your feedback. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Write a customer review. Showing of 92 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Another fabulous Wilkie Collins book However, if you have a vivid imagination, I don't recommend you read the scary parts at night during a thunderstorm as I accidentally did one evening and scared the wits out of myself and the cat.

It is just enough of a ghost story for goosebumps but mostly a story of devotion and the twists life can throw at people, in any era. They young honeymooners at the center of the story are delightful and annoying at the same time, the bitter alienated uncle and his Dickensian evil servant beg for the traditional boo-hiss, and Collins makes us wait until the end to figure out how they will all survive under very trying circumstances. Happy I found this one. I usually love Wilkie Collins' works.

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However, this book was a labor intensive read. It was so wordy and I lost focus many times during the reading of the book. One of my favorites things about this author is his writing style. It can be superfluous but it was always enjoyable. His sentence structure and manner of composing a thought is generally appealing to me but not this book. Fortunately, I just stared the Haunted Hotel and so far its exactaly the style and pace that I have come to love from this author.

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I'm still a fan! But beware, the Dead Secret is an exhausting read. One person found this helpful. I haven't read a lot of Wilkie Collins, but what I have I have thoroughly enjoyed, and this one's no exception. His can follow a humorous tone where a particular character might be involved, very apparent in the case of the butler here, then take on a heavier mood for another, etc. His use of alternating first-person narratives within the same work adds a unique flavor to the story, as he has done here as he did in The Woman in White, skillfully giving each "narrator" his or her own unique communicating characteristics to allow the reader to feel different personalities actually wrote or dictated the passages.

This one has a twist you think you have figured out by the time things are explained, only to be checked by the true explanations.

The Dead Secret part 2/2 Full Audiobook by Wilkie COLLINS by Action & Adventure Fiction

Overall another excellent read. I am in the process of reading all of Wilkie Collins books, and this one was good, too. The secret suspended until almost the end was less than melodramatic, but his writings always contain little mysteries throughout so that you keep reading.

His style of writing is plain and understandable, but with no lack of very intelligent words not much used today - but which are very descriptive - such as alacrity, which those writers in that period used often. I would recommend this book to those who are looking for clean, interesting, reading, with not an overload of descriptions of every room, leaf, tree, or person. And, where, for the most part, women are treated with respect as women, and not as objects.

I like Wilkie Collins, and this is pretty typical for WC.

The Dead Secret: A Novel

To view it, click here. View all 14 comments. The Dead Secret isn't as good as the string of novels which immediately followed it including The Woman in White and Armadale , but it's definitely worth reading, with a good measure of suspense and action, as well as complex characters, particularly Sarah Leeson, the woman who hides the "dead secret" of the title, and Rosamond Frankland, the woman who discovers it. Delicious thrills and chills with absolutely nothing that would improve the mind.

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  • The Dead Secret by Wilkie Collins?

I loved it. View 1 comment. Shelves: mystery , classics. In desperation an action is performed, the deed is done, an element of mankind's fraternity rejoices, another element leads a life of sadness Joy prevails Wilkie Collins' edge-of-the-seat classic mystery is definitely worth the read and on-going anticipation to the end is guaranteed Dec 28, Suzanne added it. I'm making some tea, pulling up the covers and not coming out until I finish the last page. Mar 31, Little Nell rated it liked it Shelves: classics , three-star-no , goodbye , r-r , collins-wilkie. And thinking and thinking.

There are some things in it that just bug me, but more of that a little later. First, assuming I will read over this again in a few years and wonder what it is that I'm talking about, I'll start with where the book came from in the first place. Household Words was an English weekly magazine edited by Charles Dickens in the s. Collins had been introduced to Charles Dickens by a mutual friend, the painter Augustus Egg and they became lifelong friends and collaborators. It is because of all this I heard of him in the first place, I'm a Dickens nut. Dickens' death caused tremendous sadness for Collins.

Me too, he could have at least finished his last novel first. Collins said of his early days with Dickens, "We saw each other every day, and were as fond of each other as men could be. I have been trying and trying to remember the name of my favorite Collins novel but I can't come up with it, it isn't one of his most popular books which are The Woman in White , No Name , Armadale , and The Moonstone , so not only is my favorite not listed - whatever it is - but neither is the book I'm supposed to be talking about, "The Dead Secret".

And now before I get rambling down another road once again, I will begin talking about our current novel. In the preface for the book Collins says that this was his first attempt at a sustained work of fiction intended for serial publication and that it had been a success both in England and in America. I had been wondering if this "secret" was really supposed to stay secret until the dramatic ending like secrets in books usually are and I am just so good at figuring things out I was right from almost the beginning, but then reading the preface which I read after I read the book I found this: "It may not be out of place here, to notice a critical objection that was raised, in certain quarters, against the construction of the narrative.

I was blamed for allowing the "Secret" to glimmer on the reader at an early period of the story instead of keeping it in total darkness to the end. He goes on to say he thought it would be more interesting to his readers to watch the progress of the characters toward the secret than figuring it out for ourselves.

The Dead Secret – Wilkie Collins | Savidge Reads

I am also thinking of the end of his preface when he says that the title of the book when translated into French was shortened to "The Secret" there being no French equivilent to "The Dead Secret". I don't know any French but I think there should be a word that means death out there somewhere.

On to the story. The story begins with these words: "Will she last out the night, I wonder? She has lasted the night out.



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