Poverty & Religious Crisis in Africa

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Overview The book takes a look at the African society, which has been stuck in conditions of poverty and crises, against an economic background dominated by the influences of bad leadership, religion and tradition. It pays a particular attention to the Hausa-Fulani Muslim society in Nigeria, examining the interlocking relationship between poverty, religion and crisis in that part of the country, in particular and African society, in general.

How faith can help eradicate poverty

A reader of this book would in addition to knowing the above issues, gain insightful bits of information on global security risks, importance of science and technology, problems of religion, rise and fall of a superpower, American democracy and foreign affairs and new ideas, such as religionarism, PAW-Diplomacy, demo-fanaticism, demo-extremism etc. Product Details About the Author. Average Review. Write a Review.

Poverty and injustice drive Nigeria's sectarian violence -report - Reuters

Dorrance Publishing Co. The study distils the conditions and factors that shape the dynamics of the recruitment process, prompting some individuals to gravitate toward extremism, where the vast majority of others do not.

The actions most often cited were government action including killing or arrest of a family member or friend. The data shows that contrary to popular narratives, those who join extremist groups tend to have lower levels of religious or formal education and less understanding of the meaning of religious texts.

Poverty Of Africa-Rana Shadid

Although more than half of respondents cited religion as a reason for joining an extremist group, 57 percent of respondents also admitted to understanding little to nothing of the religious texts or interpretations, or not reading religious texts at all. The study calls on governments to reassess militarized responses to extremism in the light of respect for the rule of law and human rights commitments. Boko haram is local, yet global.

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Lagos: The Nation on Sunday. Boko Haram—Our learning environments have been desecrated. The Nation, 4. Beyond secularism: The shadow of religion on Nigerian democracy. Adekunle, Ed. O Religious violence in Nigeria-the causes and solutions: An Islamist perspective.

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Uppsala: Swedish Missiological Theme, Nigeria in the eye of the storm. Saturday Sun, Dying to win: The strategic logic of suicide terrorism. New York: Random House. Understanding religious identity and the causes of religious violence. South Asian Journal of Peace Building, 1, Sacred fury: Understanding religious violence.

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Violence and religion: Cross-cultural opinions and consequences. Concept Publishing Company. God and violence in the old testament.

The Federal Constitution of Nigeria, article 38, p. Abuja: Federal Government Press. Religion and violent conflicts in Africa.

Poverty & Religious Crisis in Africa Poverty & Religious Crisis in Africa
Poverty & Religious Crisis in Africa Poverty & Religious Crisis in Africa
Poverty & Religious Crisis in Africa Poverty & Religious Crisis in Africa
Poverty & Religious Crisis in Africa Poverty & Religious Crisis in Africa
Poverty & Religious Crisis in Africa Poverty & Religious Crisis in Africa

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