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Mindscape RPG

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Mind blowing: Mindjammer Roleplaying Game review

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  • Hey! Anyone else think Mindscapes is overgunned?.
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  • Mindscape RPG?

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  • Mind blowing: Mindjammer Roleplaying Game review?
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  • Dragon Kings Player's Rulebook for 5E by Mindscape Publishing — Kickstarter!
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Mind blowing: Mindjammer Roleplaying Game review

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Anyone else think Mindscapes is overgunned? Thread starter Luthiel Start date Jan 10, Luthiel Visitor. I've been reading through the new Mindscapes suppliment for psionic characters by Malhavoc and man do I find this thing to be way out of balance. Has anyone else had the opportunity to look through this thing?

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What are your opinions? As an example, the visceral surge feat lets you cower someone whom you've struck in melee. The poor fool gets no save. The next round, whether you hit him or not he must make a will save or be cowered again. The number of times you can use this power in conjunction with an attack is equal to your BAB.

Mindjammer RPG: The Mindscape | Sarah Newton

Nightfall Sage of the Scarred Lands. My opinion on Mindscapes is that it's a good suppliment. Nightfall said:.

I think Mindscapes is largely a pretty good supplement. The main 'mindscape' concept is pretty darn cool, and a much more fun way of doing psionic combat.

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The Prestige Classes are interesting and relatively balanced. Just watch your step with some of those feats and I think you'll be fine stunning fist, no saving throw, chance of extended duration? MrFilthyIke Visitor. BSF Visitor.

Mindscape RPG Mindscape RPG
Mindscape RPG Mindscape RPG
Mindscape RPG Mindscape RPG
Mindscape RPG Mindscape RPG
Mindscape RPG Mindscape RPG

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