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They also agreed to deliver these few remaining items for free as a final favor, just the 3 boxes and a suitcase, plus a small wheeled backpack which was locked by me, so no stolen items there , a shopping cart, among other small items. This appointment for me to sift through my belongings happened July 15, They finally delivered my things on December 17, , a total of 5 months later.

This late delivery was due to my not having any money to continue to pay them, but if I did pay for the delivery, I am sure I would have had the items within a week of the appointment. I feel they did these final favors for me begrudgingly the free appointment to view my things, then the free delivery , since I was no longer paying for their services. All of these years in storage were never supposed to happen. I was always searching for jobs, but had some only a short time while still in my former apartment, and could not get a new apartment.

The idea is to get a job, having money enough for an apartment, contact the movers, then have all my things delivered to my new apartment, and that would be the end of the storage fiasco. Then I would have been able to go through all my things at my leisure, and keep what I wanted, discarding the rest due to age and no longer needing those things.

But since moving into this small room in , any jobs I had only lasted a short time, not enough to save up for an apartment. This is why I am still in a small room in NYC and not in an apartment, but I am still working on it, never giving up. Instead, I had to go through over one hundred boxes all at once within a few hours, a backbreaking effort, missing some things, never finding some things some sentimental to me , deciding to leave some things I did find behind, having to choose only the most important things to have delivered to me.

Unfortunately, when I finally get an apartment, it will not be in time to have saved most of my possessions. I could only save a few things at this time. Once my final items were delivered on December 17, and I picked them up the next day [delivered at a time of day when I was not there to receive them the plan was that they would call me ahead of time, allowing time as notice to me, to make an appointment as to a time and date, so I could be ready and available to receive my delivery, but no such call ever came; instead, I came back and found a note on my door stating a delivery took place without my consent or confirmation and all I got were a couple of voicemail messages to say they were delivering that same day, but I got them the next day; too bad it ended in such a bad way, but this is now their typical greedy attitude; now our ties are severed and I no longer need to be beholden to them which feels good in the end].

I then took a day to finally go through all of the boxes and suitcase, not an easy chore within my tiny space, even for these few things that were put into my room. These few remaining things were mine, and now they were lost forever!

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Why did I trust them, even for a minute, with my possessions? I take some responsibility for not locking up my suitcase, and maybe I was figuring I could trust them, but this does not give anyone license to rifle through my belongings and help themselves by stealing from my final few possessions, which are mine and which I am entitled to.

Maybe the thieves were thinking I would not notice, remember, or report this company to the authorities online or otherwise , but they do not know who they are dealing with. But the boxes cannot be locked, no matter what. I never dreamed or thought that I had to lock up my items as they had been safe in the past, until now, when they were no longer safe. Shame on them all! They could have gone through all the other boxes I left behind for their auction for which they are still making money off me , and probably did.

But I no longer wanted the items in those boxes, and consented to having those boxes auctioned off. I only wanted what I had set aside, things that were mine. Now some of those things are gone to thieves. But at least some of the few remaining important items are safe now in my possession, as no one who works here staff where I live, who have respect will take them. They are now locked up for safekeeping in my care, the only safe place for them.

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This is my formal Complaint of Men on the Move to the Better Business Bureau having been violated and disrespected by MEN with their unethical practices that they should be responding to as a part of this BBB process: You have employees who steal from your customers, who actually entrusted you to look after their prized possessions in your storage facility, only to have them stolen for no reason at all, all the while paying you to keep their things safe.

This cannot be an isolated incident, or the first time this thievery has happened while in the facility of Men on the Move to those customers who chose to trust you to safeguard their possessions, but it might be the first time someone has bothered to complain about your services online to the BBB your past reviews which I will soon find out about online , among others.

I hope this gives you a bad rating online and that anyone looking you up, as I did before using your services, will think twice about using your services to begin with. All this is due to one or a few employees a few or one bad apple? It will serve you right to lose your good BBB standing, which I know you value.

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I would have called you regarding this theft, but all I ever got when calling is attitude and the run-around. I cannot recommend MEN as a storage facility at this time. Here is a listing of some of my stolen, missing items that maybe they thought I would not notice were missing or remember packing in the suitcase I remember packing all of these distinctly : a metal shoehorn that they dont make anymore can you believe it?

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As you can see, they picked through my things carefully, and were very selective about what they stole! Who would actually steal these things that have nothing to do with them? There are more items, and I will add to this list as I think of more things stolen. If they only stole 2 or 3 items, it would still be wrong, but not too bad; but since the stolen list is over 12 items, it is outrageous.

I want these things back! I feel violated and disrespected! Maybe they thought I would not notice or remember the things I took hours to pack up for myself to have delivered. They thought wrong! If you cannot trust your employees, you have nothing.

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  • If the boss and supervisor was unaware of this type of theft going on, he will be made aware now. If I was the boss, I would fire all workers, including anyone who had access to my remaining belongings, plus those who finally delivered my final possessions, except for the fork lift operator and dispatcher, who are very good and who probably had nothing to do with my actual boxes and suitcase. There must be cameras that record all movements within the storage section of the facility, so perhaps the boss can actually see what was going on with my final possessions in their care.

    The owners job is not merely running this company and collecting payments; his job is also making sure the clients receive the utmost best services possible, no matter how long those services are in place. Clients must trust this company with their prized possessions, and if you dont have trust, as in this instance, you have nothing. If there is no reply or response via BBB. I will also expect, and probably not receive, a written, documented letter of apology from the CEO of Men.

    I will update this information at a later date for progress on this Complaint. Below is what he wrote cannot even spell my name correctly : This claim is categorically untrue. We have Ms. While we know Ms. According to his letter, this President somehow does not get it. My Complaint must have gone way over his head.

    I was not complaining about all my boxes that I left behind on purpose for MEN to auction off with my consent. I no longer cared about them, whether or not they have been auctioned off to date. My Complaint still stands as is. I will not retract this Complaint or any other reviews or statements online against your company.

    If this stealing incident never happened, and all my items were delivered to me safely and intact as I had packed them up, I would have gone on thinking you were a good company to deal with all this time, would have recommended your services, and would never have complained to the BBB. Problem was they laid the couch in the dirt instead of putting a blanket under it. I am thankful the got couch in house, however have care not to put it in dirt.

    Lead guy was very angry I wrote on receipt he got couch dirty. He went off saying he saved me time on the move and the damage is going to come out of his pay. He did not review any of the sign out documents with me. Would not give me time to fill put survey. The guys left abruptly without fully finishing. I left message on voicemail for company and they have not yet returned my phone call.

    These guys were top-notch, and as someone who was a mover for several years after my college years back in the s, this is something I can speak of with some authority. They were extremely careful with all my furniture and not a single item suffered any damage plus they were were fast and efficient too!

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    I don't believe you can do better than this. Excellent service. Arrived on time. Treated all my belongings as though they were antiques highly recommend this company. Your drivers we Fantastic!! Very friendly and professional. Very well run and professional.

    Man on the Move Man on the Move
    Man on the Move Man on the Move
    Man on the Move Man on the Move
    Man on the Move Man on the Move
    Man on the Move Man on the Move

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