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It is life changing. Going back to the Oribe. I wear the heck out of them, so quality is important. The themes are similar but MUCH more positive and funny with a healthy message.

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This title contains: Language. Parent of an infant, 2, and 7 year old Written by Janet P. August 10, Trashy This book was at the library and Sweets begged me to try it because of the pretty pink cover. I pre-read the book to make sure it was age appropriate. It was not! Mentions of "hooking up" with fairies and the line "A celebrity can be seen without her panties but never without her cell phone" which made me cringe.

The only thing I enjoyed in this book was the Brianna chapters. We read the Brianna chapters and Sweets did not seem to care that she was missing out on the rest of the book. I returned it to the library and she is begging me to sign out another DD book. I've been told the other books are better in terms of trashiness but we will see. This title contains: Consumerism. Helped me decide. Parent Written by Robert J. September 16, Couldn't believe it. My daughter was reading the book and came across this and I quote.

Pretty weird stuff". This is from book 1 page I didn't think I had to pre-read a book that we purchased from her school and marketed towards kids. Parents please proceed with caution.

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I purchased the entire series, now I need to find a way to get my money back. Adult Written by hamstergurl09 April 6, I was hoping it would be sort of like a female version of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," a book I very much enjoyed. Unfortunately, I found this book to be incredibly bland. Nikki is not a likeable character. She is very stereotypical: boy crazy, obsessed with popularity, materialistic, etc.

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I found nothing to be charismatic or unique about her. She sort of made girls look bad. The book is not funny or interesting. The drawings are inconsistent in their style I think there were multiple illustrators? You should really just read "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" instead. Adult Written by sarah s.

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August 30, Cliche Book This book is all about cliches the same old middle school thing where the main character has a crush,mean girl,new school,shes in middle school,finds friend and is the leader in the group then everything goes well for her in the end. Nikki the main character is such a brat all she wants is to be popular and she is so dumb and is just a whiny little brat who wants everything.

Also this is not how middle school kids act trust me when I was picking up my daughter I saw kids wearing black clothes,girls shaking butts on boys and don't care about fancy clothes. Well of course they never wanted to tell little kids the truth about middle school kids but overall a stupid book. Adult Written by Alfiewood November 2, Tales from a not-so-great book These books are a complete knockoff and a girly version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which is a book series that I really like.


Read my mind. Adult Written by Patsy fitz September 14, I bought it for my granddaughter thinking it was a appropriate book with good messages but oh, I was wrong. Do NOT buy this book. Adult Written by TransmogrifiCat April 27, Entertaining but very anti-social I am currently reading this book with my class of third graders.

The reason I am reading it is to use it as a teaching tool about unacceptable behaviour. Every page has the characters being mean to each other, being judgemental, being overly dramatic. I read this book to my students during breaks and every single page presents me with at least one teaching opportunity about how not to behave. They love it because it is extreme and dramatic, and they are attracted to this book because of this. So i guess it is a good teaching tool about how not to be a terrible person but otherwise, it is disappointing that this is the content that is being offered to growing minds.

I feel that this book serves the easiest ideas : drama, fights, being mean. If you came to the first session, come back and further develop your ideas.

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I Bought Them For You (Panty Lover Tales Book 1) I Bought Them For You (Panty Lover Tales Book 1)
I Bought Them For You (Panty Lover Tales Book 1) I Bought Them For You (Panty Lover Tales Book 1)
I Bought Them For You (Panty Lover Tales Book 1) I Bought Them For You (Panty Lover Tales Book 1)
I Bought Them For You (Panty Lover Tales Book 1) I Bought Them For You (Panty Lover Tales Book 1)
I Bought Them For You (Panty Lover Tales Book 1) I Bought Them For You (Panty Lover Tales Book 1)

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