I Am Your Wife, Vol. 2

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There will be so much silence…it will be Nirvana on the earth! Marriage keeps thousands of things going on: the religion, the state, the nations, the wars, the literature, the movies, the science; everything, in fact, depends on the institution of marriage. But that possibility also open up only because marriage creates so much misery for you, so much anguish and anxiety for you, that you have to learn how to transcend it. It is a great push for transcendence. Marriage is not unnecessary; it is needed to bring you to your senses, to bring you to your sanity. Marriage is necessary and yet there comes a point when you have to transcend it too.

It is like a ladder. You go up the ladder, it takes you up, but there comes a moment when you have to leave the ladder behind. If you go on clinging to the ladder, then there is danger. Marriage represents the whole world in a miniature form: it teaches you many things. It is only the mediocre ones who learn nothing. It is a mirror: it shows your face to you in all its different aspects. And it is all needed for your maturity.

But a person who remains clinging to it forever remains immature. One has to go beyond it too.

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Without the other you feel meaningless and with the other you feel miserable. Marriage is really a dilemma! If you are alone you are miserable; if you are together you are miserable. It teaches you your reality, that something deep inside you needs transformation so that you can be blissful alone and you can be blissful together. Then marriage is no more marriage because then it is no more bondage. Then it is sharing, then it is love. To continue reading click here In the shop you can find: the audiobook.

Maintain Your Place As a Woman

And we hate the person on which we are dependent; nobody likes to depend on anybody. Our deepest desire is to have freedom, total freedom — and dependence is against freedom. They have to meditate over it, they have to contemplate over it, why they are fighting. Everything is just an excuse to fight. If you change one excuse, another excuse will be found; if no excuse is left then excuses will be invented, but somehow the fight has to be there.

Marriage creates so much misery that one has to meditate; meditation is a byproduct. Without marriage, who will bother to meditate? For what? You will be already blissful! His wife, Yashodhara, must have created the situation — Mahavira would not have escaped to the mountains. Without marriage there would have been no Buddha, no Mahavira. Just think: the history would have been very flat, without any salt, tasteless. How I can be against marriage?

I am all for it. It has never happened — it cannot happen in the very nature of things. Marriage is something against nature. Marriage is an imposition, an invention of man — certainly out of necessity, but now even that necessity is out of date. It was a necessary evil in the past, but now it can be dropped.

And it should be dropped: man has suffered enough for it, more than enough. It is an ugly institution for the simple reason that love cannot be legalized. Love and law are contradictory phenomena. It is out of fear. It is thinking about the future, about the tomorrows. Man always thinks of the past and the future, and because of this constant thinking about past and future, he destroys the present. And the present is the only reality there is. One has to live in the present.

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The past has to die and has to be allowed to die…. Nobody has ever known. Why would Jesus have remained unmarried if he had known the secret?

A Woman Worth Less than a Man in Islam

He knew the secret of the kingdom of God, but he did not know the secret of remaining happy in marriage. He remained unmarried. Mahavira, Lao Tzu Chuang Tzu, they all remained unmarried for the simple reason that there is no secret; otherwise these people would have discovered it. They could discover the ultimate — marriage is not such a big thing, it is very shallow — they even fathomed God, but they could not fathom marriage.

Science fiction. Fantasy. The universe. And related subjects.

They say perfect marriages are made in heaven. Nobody comes back from there so maybe it is true, but what kind of marriage will those perfect marriages be?

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There will be no tension, there will be no individuality in the man or in the woman. They will never collide, they will never fight. They will be too sweet to each other. And too much sweetness brings diabetes! Love is creative, marriage is destructive. But love is not dependable: this moment it may be there and the next moment gone.

And man wants permanent things; he is obsessed with permanent things. He wants security, safety, he wants to cling. Hence love is not reliable, so he created marriage. Love is a real rose, but the real rose is beautiful in the morning; by the evening it is gone. Nobody can say when it will disappear, when the petals will start falling.

Just a strong wind and it is no more, just a strong sun and it is no more. But the plastic flower will be there; come rain, come sun, come anything, the plastic flower will be there. In fact, plastic is the only permanent thing in the world. And who wants to live in an institution? One is a temporary arrangement, the other is a little more permanent. Marriage is a permanent kind of prostitution; deep down, it is not different. Hence marriage and prostitution have both existed together. And prostitution will never disappear from the world unless marriage disappears; it is the shadow of marriage.

I Am Your Wife, Vol. 2 I Am Your Wife, Vol. 2
I Am Your Wife, Vol. 2 I Am Your Wife, Vol. 2
I Am Your Wife, Vol. 2 I Am Your Wife, Vol. 2
I Am Your Wife, Vol. 2 I Am Your Wife, Vol. 2
I Am Your Wife, Vol. 2 I Am Your Wife, Vol. 2
I Am Your Wife, Vol. 2 I Am Your Wife, Vol. 2
I Am Your Wife, Vol. 2 I Am Your Wife, Vol. 2
I Am Your Wife, Vol. 2 I Am Your Wife, Vol. 2
I Am Your Wife, Vol. 2

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