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This is the metropolitan Olmeca zone even though the Olmeca influence extended beyond this zone. Therefore it is a coastal culture having an abundance of water. This is a situation opposite to that of the Egyptians in which there was a struggle against dry ground.

The Olmecas struggled with the rain, swamps and torrential rains.

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This zone that we have just mentioned is a type of American Mesopotamia, the place of Metropolitan Olmeca. But it extended much more beyond. Indeed, we find Omeca influences in Yucatan, Monte Alban, Oaxaca, Guerrero and Morelos; even in the Valley of Puebla, the plateau of the Mexico Valley with different geographic and climatic conditions.

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Which shows us that the geographical conditions were relatively important. Yes behind everything lies the will of man. The challenge for the Olmecas was the jungle. Whoever overcame the jungle would build a culture. They managed to conquer the jungle. They conquered the jungle with its wild monkey, the jaguar, the tapir, the wild boar, but also with abundant food: deer, wild turkeys, iguanas, armadillos, quail; and many other birds. Probably they bred the honey bee for its honey. How did they look physically? What did they eat? How was their life? We know about the social and political life of the Mayas but much is unknown in the case of the Olmecas.

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  6. There are many questions, and little is known in spite of the effort of researchers. Which were their languages and gods? The answers are temporary until new research and excavations take place. It is known that before years, agriculture was the economic basis for Mesoamerica. One can deduce that the staples were the trilogy: corn, beans, and pumpkin.

    Our old foods: cocoa, cotton, tobacco, chili since these are ancient plants. In farming, fields were used but without the use of irrigation and fertilizers. What type of people were they? Neither I nor anyone knows. Their physical appearance has been deducted from their stones and reliefs. The human form is small in stature and hefty. Yes, but in some figurative reliefs it was taller and more slender with pointed nose, and less bulky lips often with a goatee.

    These were more predominant among the inhabitants of the coast. Because of the make up of the ground, humid and swampy, Olmeca tombs have not been found. Neither has a single skeleton showing the physical characteristics been found but one can deduct from the current inhabitants of this region, if we accept them as being their descendent and who have retained the racial characteristics: the classical southern Mexican man, that is to say short in height but with a well formed body, a proneness to obesity, with round heads and faces.

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    Having bulky napes, oblique and swollen eyes, with creases around the eyes, short and wide nose, a mouth having thick lips and sunken corners of the mouth; and powerful jawbones and short necks. How many were there? From , to , And how did they transport the stones? It was very complicated to move these monuments. They did not use the wheel because they had no beast of burden. In order to understand culture one has to show some specific points. It is not necessary to see all the archeological monuments.

    In this park we see figures that represent the Olmeca culture in a fine way. This figure, The King: the pillar of stone represents a busy person having a headdress as tall as himself. He appears standing and bears a scepter or weapon held with both hands. It consists of a monolith that has more height and weighs 20 tons. What is important is the previous history. The principal cities were closed to each other: 16,00 to 18, square kilometers. Between two small zones between the Pasajualco and Chiquito Rivers three spots are related places are found: San Lorenzo, Potrero Nuevo and Tenosclita, the present day name should not be confused with that of the capital of the Mexican Empire.

    San Lorenzo is the oldest place and corresponds to Egypt.

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    Yes to BC. The contribution of San Lorenzo is sculpture.

    It is not a monumental work but it has the combination and strong style of the works of large size. It is true, its physique of Jaguar man, the emphatic appearance of its massiveness is not determined by its dimensions but by the working of the stone. We see massiveness in a smaller scale. And in what is this based on? The jaguar is related to rain waters. In San Lorenzo the artificial lakes are joined underground by stones shaped in U form. If we place another U shaped here we form an oval shape, a tube pipe or canal for the flow of water.

    This stone was in the front end of a canal. Exactly, the eye or tributary of an important spring. In San Lorenzo, seven massive heads are also found. There is one in the Museo Nacional de Antropologia, a beautiful piece found kilometers from the Cintetec hill. It measures 1.

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    It is considered heavy due to the heaviness of its form, a closed block, a solid massive mass. Seen from the front it appears carved out of a prismatic rectangular block with the corners having been rounded.

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    The chin is protruding but it is emphatic in its size. One of the characteristics is the face with many masses and deep recesses, not a flat face. Also it has an interesting decoration in the helmet. The helmet has lined rings, two claws each claw has three toes and nails. There are also emblems, markings that appear to be rank or hierarchies. Objects hanging from its ears and earring from which hanging down is a hook-like appendage.

    The essential Olmeca art. This heads shows energy, firmness, authority and power. Is it true to the Olmeca life or is it idealism? The naturalness comes from the strength of its contrasts and shades and its massive proportions. The proportions are similar to those of the Egyptians and Greeks. Another head in the yard of Museo de la Cruz is larger, 2.

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    It is deteriorated and has many holes. In spite of the holes we see that its eyes have a distant gaze, and one of a person blind to the exterior world. Each head has its own personality even though the massiveness makes them seem similar. La Venta has a difficult access. It is an island surrounded by swamps. Carlos Pellicer obtained authorization to bring down the transportable works.

    Dos guerreros olmecas (Spanish Edition) Dos guerreros olmecas (Spanish Edition)
    Dos guerreros olmecas (Spanish Edition) Dos guerreros olmecas (Spanish Edition)
    Dos guerreros olmecas (Spanish Edition) Dos guerreros olmecas (Spanish Edition)
    Dos guerreros olmecas (Spanish Edition) Dos guerreros olmecas (Spanish Edition)
    Dos guerreros olmecas (Spanish Edition) Dos guerreros olmecas (Spanish Edition)
    Dos guerreros olmecas (Spanish Edition) Dos guerreros olmecas (Spanish Edition)
    Dos guerreros olmecas (Spanish Edition) Dos guerreros olmecas (Spanish Edition)
    Dos guerreros olmecas (Spanish Edition) Dos guerreros olmecas (Spanish Edition)

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