A Ghost In My Closet And Other Personal Tales Of The Paranormal

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We had to change it. It had dinosaurs on it.

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I would see the dinosaurs marching around and killing each other. This happened during the same times several nights until we took it down.

A particular favorite was a rocking chair. It would change positions and rock. One night when my grandparents were staying over, I awoke to find someone I didn't know in the chair who looked strange. A stuffed animal walked one time. I awoke with scratches that looked like nails. Maybe it was just my f up child brain, but I don't remember it that way.

The scratches are really strange.

There was a rocking chair, and as soon as I saw it, I saw a woman in period dress with brown hair knitting something and rocking in the chair. After like two seconds, the image vanished. I would attribute it to imagination, except the image was very vivid and clear and I've never seen anything like it since.

One day, I was sitting on the couch watching TV and I heard a girl screaming in my right ear. It was like she was screaming at the top of her lungs, but the volume was turned down, so it wasn't the true volume of a scream. There was nothing there obviously so I just wrote it off.

Speaking of Seeing Ghosts: Visions of the Supernatural in the Tales of Catherine Crowe

I didn't hear a girl screaming, but then neither did anyone else when she screamed in my ear. I don't think she was mean or bad, I think she was sad. Wanting attention. I felt bad that I couldn't reach out to her. My dog was hanging out with me and started to bark into the dark bedroom.

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When I went to check it out, I could hear fingernails scratching inside my bedroom closet. As I got closer, the scratching started getting quieter.

Cultures of Witchcraft in Europe from the Middle Ages to the Present.

Stuff started hitting the inside of the closet door! No way I was going to stay in there alone this time. I opened up the closet to find all my clothes and hangers all over the floor of the closet. We searched every wall and ceiling for any secret openings; no secret doors to be found. The one that spooked me the most was when I was emptying trash cans while my aunt vacuumed and my brother did dishes. Suddenly a man's voice whispers in my ear, 'Cewcewcew. The series features ghost stories told from a person's own supposed experience with the supernatural.

Each episode features claims of encounters at reportedly haunted locations all over the United States, as well as a few locations in other countries. Each episode is narrated by people who tell their own unique ghost stories and personal experiences of alleged paranormal activity and supposed encounters with the unexplained in a particular location.

These individuals usually start off the show by saying "My ghost story began when Each episode features reenactments , video clips, and interviews of people who claim to have experienced encounters with the supernatural. These stories also include some historical facts of the reportedly haunted locations. Season two premiered on April 9, Season three premiered on October 15, Season four premiered on April 21, Warning : At the beginning of each episode a parental advisory warning is shown: "What you are about to see are haunted events encountered by real people.

Some may find it disturbing. This is the special that started the My Ghost Story series: "People share videos they captured of their paranormal experiences. This is the second special that aired right before the My Ghost Story series started: "People share videos they captured of their paranormal experiences.

In the series opener, a scientist recalls a paranormal discovery of mysterious footage on his security camera; a ghost crew aboard a sailing ship from the s; the ghosts of 19th century slaves who used the Underground Railroad ; the spirit of a jilted bride who haunts the hotel where she committed suicide and a morgue in the wild west that's home to a ghost cowboy. A couple's home is haunted by spirits from a slaughterhouse ; a cigarette-smoking ghost inhabits a health club; an Ohio woman encounters an incubus in her bedroom; and a couple's New England lodge is destroyed by rampaging spirits.

A medium experiences the torture of a prison snitch killed by other inmates; two soldiers in Iraq are startled by ghostly encounters in abandoned bunkers; a police officer witnesses paranormal activity in a deserted spa; a spirit in an old hotel celebrates with one guest and terrifies another; and a deceased mom grants her daughter's last wish to visit her from the other side.

A couple is haunted by the spirit of a little boy who lives in their young son's bedroom closet; a gas station owner's life is abruptly changed by the appearance of a mysterious paranormal mist with a demonic presence; an Old West ghost town lives up to its name and spooks hundreds who have visited; a dying woman gives her dog to a friend and then returns as their guardian angel; the spirit of Sharon Tate , who was pregnant when murdered by the Manson family , returns to the scene of the gruesome crime as a jaw-dropping apparition.

And then the image of a gambler appears in a window of the old hotel where he took his own life. Two men retire without knowing their new home sits on the graves of people who were tortured and murdered by the KKK. A woman under assault by an aggressive entity is rescued by the spirit of her deceased son; a maid who was murdered in the 19th century continues to work at an old Texas hotel; a demon who possessed a teenager now threatens his young family; ghosts of stars from the silent film era morph onto actors as deformed body parts in a modern movie; spirits ranging from a daughter who committed suicide to the family dog still haunt the house they called home; and a diner frequently serves its customers portions of the paranormal.

A demonic ceramic giraffe is captured on video in living room in California; a haunting of a disembodied presence; a spirit of mobster haunts a New Jersey bar; the pain of a brutal murder; words on the mirror; and home owners don't believe they live alone. An unknown axe murderer still stalks a family he brutally murdered a century ago; a spirit with a deadly secret haunts a young couple next door from the axe murder house in Iowa; a bar with spirits, but the not the drinking kind; a haunted old train tunnel; a grandmother who died comes back as a spirit; and the apparition of a Confederate soldier is seen on a covered bridge.

13 people reveal ghost stories so chilling they will make you sleep with the lights on

In the season opener: A woman feels the presence of a ghost in her own bed; the ghosts of two sisters haunts a Civil War -era house; a castle built on a Native American burial ground is haunted by the spirits of Indians; visitors capture an image of a murderous ghost; encounters at a bed and breakfast are reported by guests staying there; and a haunted abandoned hospital of horrors is experienced by a musician.

A couple unknowingly buys a haunted house; a haunting of a bar in Indiana is captured on video; an EVP of a ghostly voice of a passenger that was killed in a plane crash is heard on a digital recorder; a dog meets a ghost boy; and a terrified secretary runs from her own office building that seems to be haunted. A ghost breaches security at a government building; a pipe-smoking spirit haunts a lighthouse; a son killed in a car accident makes his presence known to his grieving mother; a demon attacks guests a house by leaving scratch marks on their bodies; diners encounter a strange force in a restaurant bathroom strong to make grown men cry; and a woman captures haunting photos and video of the ghosts in her own home.

A cemetery that's home to 80, dead souls becomes a "ghost magnet"; a family discovers that their new home is filled with strange sounds and whispered conversations; a woman comes face-to-face with a ghost at her farm and tries to capture her new ghostly friend on video; the spirits of children happily haunts an inn by playing pranks and giggling; and angry entities force a couple out of their home. The ghostly antics of two young boys killed at Christmas time in is captured on video; the tortured souls of a sanitarium haunt a house; chilling photos and recordings document intense paranormal activity at a railroad near the site of the Battle of Gettysburg ; a real "Phantom of the Opera" at an old opera house; and the ghost of a woman peers forever out a window in hopes that she will see her lover return for her.

A tourist who was knifed in the back by a violent ghost while on vacation; a dead wife jealousy haunts her husband and his new girlfriend; a woman snaps the picture of a smiling apparition; and a ghost named "Charlie" messes with the minds of employees at a bar. A family heirloom, an old chifferobe brings with it spiritual baggage and light orbs were captured; Shadowy figures was captured in a mansion where several people has committed suicide; The chandelier of a country club was caught on video swinging on its own and EVPs and orbs were captured; ghosts chase a man from his own home and a ghostly demonic figure was captured; Frightening spirits appear at a former Native American gravesite and a ghost cat were captured; the ghost of a little girl Elizabeth was spotted and her EVP was captured.

The curse of the witches in a cemetery, an old schoolhouse is haunted by the spirits of its former teachers and students; a man contemplating suicide is helped by a supernatural force; a strange ghost light is seen; and two women communicate with ghosts in a haunted castle. A terrifying seven-foot-tall shadow figure named "Mr. Black" haunts an abandoned hospital; a hotel is haunted by the spirit of a man whose head was severed by the freight elevator; a disfigured demon keeps terrorizes patrons at an Irish pub; tour guides reveal amazing photos of apparitions in a tunnel where many violent acts were committed; and a woman hears audio recordings of her dead parents.

A woman smell cigar smokes and felt a presence touching her, and a black entity was recorded; a psychology PHD captured EVPs and photos from a home haunted by a Catholic bishop ; light orbs, EVPs, photos and video of a light switch being manipulated are captured at a museum; video of light orbs, EVPs and photos are captured in a couple's dream home where a husband had murdered his wife; a family took a vacation in a haunted hotel and captured light orbs and a white figure, and paranormal encounters; and a haunting at Georgia inn where the spirit of a woman is seen roaming the halls.

A couple has paranormal experiences in their home and EVPs and a shadowy figure was captured; Guests at a Kansas hotel claim they've seen the ghost of the Civil War colonel who rebuilt the hotel in the s after pro-slavery forces burned it down; two men encounter spectral footsteps and ectoplasm in an abandoned cemetery; a couple investigating a seminary are poked and kicked by someone unseen and hear screams and voices; and a Los Angeles man named Joe meets a spirit who insists his home belongs to him, and attacks Joe in his sleep.

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Subcontractors working in an old school built in captured videos of doors opening and a chair moving on its own, and EVPs and photos of what looked like demon claws; Investigator to an old morgue captured video of a chair being flipped on its side with no one around and photos of full body apparitions, and an employee was scratched; a woman's home becomes haunted after her husband chokes to death on a hot dog; a woman and her son hear strange gunshots of Confederate ghost soldiers and photos of light orbs at the Gettysburg battlefield; a woman's s home becomes haunted and a ghost of a young girl, light orbs and a demonic face were captured; and when a couple visit a lighthouse haunted by a ghost cat and a little ghost boy, they encounter sobbing, touching, shadow people, and the sounds of cat meows.

A couple of paranormal investigators experience something out of a horror movie on the battleship USS North Carolina with pictures, EVPs and videos of spirits; Two woman are attacked by an evil spirit posing as a child; A mother confronts a sinister apparition standing over her baby's crib; Two buddies in their bachelor pad have the same nightmares about a little girl in their closet; a Denver mansion is haunted by the ghosts of guard dogs who had worked there; and the murder of a man killed by Wild Bill Hickok adds to the paranormal activity at a haunted house attraction.

A tavern that was a former speakeasy is haunted by a mobster Saverio Damiano who was gunned down in , and EVPs and light orbs were captured; paranormal investigators captured mists and heard spirits crying "Let me out! A woman taking pictures of her fireplace discovers the ghosts of her relatives in the photos of the flaming logs; Two friends experience paranormal activities like pictures of mists, orbs, shadowy figure and door opening on its own while visiting the Lizzie Borden house; The spirit of a little girl who died in a fountain haunts a restaurant and diners encountered paranormal experience in the toilet; a couple bought a house where a boy died in a basement fire and captured videos of light orbs, EVPs and picture of the boy's spirit; A theater is wracked with paranormal activity which includes the ghosts of staff and audience members who died in there, and investigators captured shadowy figures and video of cloak moving on its own; and a woman visiting a castle panics when her body suddenly begins to burn when her husband discovers claw mark scratches on her back.

I love reading about paranormal phenomenon. You did a fantastic job of researching this and I liked that you mentioned the different types of entities. I was very intrigued by your hub and your pictures really perfected it. Hi Seeker7. Another brilliant Hub on a very intriguing subject. Old mirrors have always had a certain fascination for me, but I never knew why.

Maybe now I know?! Do you know if there is any way to measure the activity produced at these portals?

"I WILL NOT Go Into These Mountains ALONE" (The Story of The MOST HAUNTED Mountain Range in America)
A Ghost In My Closet And Other Personal Tales Of The Paranormal A Ghost In My Closet And Other Personal Tales Of The Paranormal
A Ghost In My Closet And Other Personal Tales Of The Paranormal A Ghost In My Closet And Other Personal Tales Of The Paranormal
A Ghost In My Closet And Other Personal Tales Of The Paranormal A Ghost In My Closet And Other Personal Tales Of The Paranormal
A Ghost In My Closet And Other Personal Tales Of The Paranormal A Ghost In My Closet And Other Personal Tales Of The Paranormal
A Ghost In My Closet And Other Personal Tales Of The Paranormal A Ghost In My Closet And Other Personal Tales Of The Paranormal

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